too fast for my own good

I was sitting here happily(?) working. Then my bosses assistant came over to tell me that I needed to “stop!” Apparently not only am I catching them up on their files, but I am very rapidly coming up on a point where I am working not only too fast for the other people in the office, but too fast for the system itself.

We in this department, letters go out, letters come in, etc etc. But in order to continue alot of the work, we have to wait for a certain amount of replies from the clients. I have passed that point and now we’re kind of just waiting.

I am now being assigned work other people normally do, in order to keep me from continuing on this pace.

It doesn’t seem like working hard and fast would be a bad idea. But apparently I’m seriously upsetting the status quo. They should seriously let me just sit here and knit for half the day. I’d still be ahead of everyone else working only half of what I do now.

I really just think that they’re worried I’m making them look bad. In my opinion, I say GOOD. These people chat more than they work. I’m in a cubicle, I can hear it. I should be getting paid more than them. Why don’t people get paid based on merit?


~ by Brandy on July 19, 2006.

One Response to “too fast for my own good”

  1. My god, I feel your pain. You don’t work for the government do you? My personal favorite is when they come it and instantly start calling their friends. Once that conversation ends, they move to the next one, never putting down the phone. This goes on until lunch where they disappear for two hours. Once they get back, inevitably their manager comes by to check on the status of some project. Their response is then along the lines of, “I’m so busy, this is going to take a couple of days.”

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