I am still here

This quick post is for anyone who may come to visit my blog before I get home today.

No, I haven’t abandoned it, despite my threats. I’ve just been working a 9-5 and instead of getting on the computer to update you on all my knitting, I’ve just been knitting. I need to knit when I get home from work. and since I’m so freekin excited about that hourglass sweater I’ve been knitting on that like crazy. I’d say about 1/2 done. I’m surprised I’ve kept up that momentum since it’s all in stockinette stitch.

Also, I chucked the idea of the duo baby sweater from knitty. I didn’t have enough yarn to finish it. So I;m going for a washcloth/ towel(y) set thingie to go with the hat. No I’m not entirely sure how a cute little hat goes with a washcloth/towel set but hey… the yarn matches.

pictures later… promise!

P.S. Vyque I haven’t forgotten about your sweater, it’s in the works. I think I may have to frog it and start over though in a smaller size. It was kinda big after all. LOVIES! thanks for you patience sweetie

~ by Brandy on July 10, 2006.

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