I actually talk about knitting in this one

I grow increasingly impatient with blogger, and I am seriously considering finding another blog site to work from. This is the number 1 reason why I have not posted since I was in DR.

There was supposed to be a nice entry with more pictures from DR, but blogger f***ed with me one too many times and I won’t do it anymore. So here: you get these 2, that’s it. These are pictures are from a fantastically wonderful spot on the south-eastern coast of DR at a restaurant called Aura: Beach House. Yep, that’s a restaurant. Oh sure, there were tables, but no one sat at them. Why sit at a table when you can lounge on a swinging bed our a flat bed or a double wide chaise lounge? Especially when the waiters will bring you you’re food and drinks at the beds.

That includes those beds in the water >>>>>>>>>>>>
Yep, they bring out your food and drinks into the water. They are more than happy to wade into the 3 foot deep WATER and serve you, as if that’s what they have waited their whole lives to do. (By the way, my experiences with customer service in DR has brought to my attention how horrendous our customer service is in the U.S.)

I know you’re sad there aren’t more pictures from the trip, but really you’re not missing much, it wasn’t such a good trip anyhoo.

And know for the lost lost knitting content:

While I was there, I did quite a bit of knitting actually.
I finished these socks for instance: you will of course notice that one is longer than the other, easily fixable, but a pain in my butt anyway.
That’s what I get for finishing on the plane I suppose. The funny thing is I didn’t even notice until 4 or 5 days after I had finished them. When I tried them on for the sock photo shoot…
Me = brilliant.
But they’re cute. Me likey.
Some things I learned from this pair of socks:

  • It is much easier to knit the heel just like the toe ( at least when it comes to the falling leaves pattern) – this is because there are no gussett increases and it all knits up very quickly.
  • However: I somehow doubt that this method is going to be sturdy enough for my heel, we shall see… but I think I’ll continue to make the gussett increases for now and use heel stitch (even though I think heel stitch is butt ugly.)
  • Binding off normally at the top of the cuff is not stretchy enough, I feel as if I’m going to snap the yarn each time I put it on. I think in the future I will use the tubular bind off Cat Bordhi uses in the leaf and tendril socks, I like the way it looks.
  • Finally. Do not finish your socks on a plane. See picture for the reason…

And I finally got a job, just a summer position for Worker’s comp, but hey income is income right?

One of my new coworkers is hugely pregnant and due any day now. Of course since I haven’t known her for very long, i didn’t have time to make anything impressive. I may still knit up a quick sweater or something for the baby (I was thinking the Haiku sweater from knitty). But in the mean time, I made this cute little hat. Nicely modeled by the only thing in the house I considered to be close to the size of an infants head: a ball of yarn. It’s knit with size 7 needles (i used circs, but straights would be just as good). The yarn is Rowan Cotton Rope. It’s basically just a rectangle that I seamed up the sides. It has a little faux brim on it (although it could be turned up as a brim depending on the baby’s head size. Then I made littel pom poms to put at the end of each “ear”.


~ by Brandy on June 30, 2006.

3 Responses to “I actually talk about knitting in this one”

  1. Where’s my shirt!?!?! You gotta update the link to my blog! Also, I hate Blogger too, stupid Blogger.

  2. Those socks look nice – I like that pattern 🙂 If you’re gonna pay for blog space then typepad is pretty good – I’ve had no major problems anyway and it seems to behave itself!

  3. OMG – that restaurant in the DR looks fabulous! I love the chaise lounges underneath the tent – lounging in the shade with breezes blowing is what I’m all about! I wouldn’t compare resort-town employees to your every day American fast food employee, though — big difference, I think. Especially since they’re working on tips!

    The socks look great, by the way. I wonder if you bound off with a larger needle if it would be stretchier? And what is heel stitch? Is that slip-one, knit-one, repeat to end of row? I sorta like how that looks….

    Cute hat!

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