DR: days 1 and 2

Okay, so first off I would like to say that the whole pointy shoe
trend just disgusts me. Not only are the shoes incredibly uncomfortable, but they are BAD for your feet (hello foot doctor) and excellent for the fashion industry solely in the fact that the trend won’t last due to one very important reason: disgusting squozen toe flashing… seen here ————————–>
This is G.R.O.S.S. I saw this disturbing exhibition of toe discomfort at the Washington Reagan airport while I waited in an extremely long line to check in for my flight. (P.S. trying to check in for a flight during the lunch hour is a bad idea… the ticketing people really don’t give a flying crap about your flight time.)

Anyway… about 6.5 hours later I arrived safely in the D.R. to see my old friend Astrid. It was fabulous to see her as it’s been nearly 6 years since last we saw each other. Quite the special woman, she was very much loved by my father before his untimely death and could very well have been my step mother had things turned out differently. Since our last meeting she adopted a son, Brian. He’s a sweetheart, a bit unruly to be honest, but I suppose it’s to be expected in a boy of only 4 years old. It really makes me want to have a girl first…

When we got to her house she gave me the grand tour. What a
freakin huge condo, the place is probably bigger than my house,
in livable space anyway. You enter in a nice sized foyer, to your
left is a huge formal living roomwhich she has set up with 2 seating areas. (If she had a grand piano it would be quite at home in this area, and im not talking baby grand… I mean the whole GRAND shebang.)

Just off the left side of this room there is a large terrance/balcony with another seating area (where i am writing this grand blog) an outdoor eating area, and a veritable jungle of plant life. Set off to the side of the terrace and the formal living space is the office with french doors in the corners leading to both the terrace and the formal living room.
Ok, back in the formal living room you walk through double sliding doors into the formal dining room and then through another set of doors into another room that has yet to be designated (a library maybe?)
Down a hallway off the right side of the foyer leads you to the family living quarters. 4 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom and cedar-walled HUGE walk in closets, literally the size of one of the bedrooms of my house, the small one, but still. Also in the family living quarters is the TV/recreation room/den thingy… ya’ll know what I mean. (And yes when i say “family living quarters” that DOES imply a separate area for live in help.
Live in help, the nanny/maid/cook person, is something most people in the U.S. just never experience, at least to my knowledge. But in the Caribbean it seems to be the norm, who am I top judge? Well, the “help” lives in a small area off the kitchen down the same narrow hallway as the washer/dryer, with their own private elevator and entrance to the apartment.

The next day we went to run a coouple of errands, getting things at the grocery store, running to pick up some documents Astrid needed for work, etc. We did manage to fit in a touristy type activity, we went to go see the home of Diego Columbus, (Christopher’s son). Im not entirely sure why we went, I hadn’t ever heard of Diego Columbus, but whatever… I guess it was really just an excuse to stop running errands. Im really like the anti-tourist. I hate doing that kind of stuff. I’d much rather get to know what it’s like to live in an area as a native would than go take pictures of things I won’t remember. Does this make me wierd?

P.S. I have been trying to post this for 4 days!!!! I ended up having to do it with less pictures than I intended because, of course, Blogger hates me. I will try to put another post up today with more pictures of what I’ve been doing… which really hasn’t been that much.

P.P.S. Yes that’s right, 5 days in the Dominican Republic now and a sorry amount of excitement to report. This is due to the fact that my hostesses mother passed away on Friday afternoon. She’s been busy with that stuff and frankly. The whole mood of the trip is just blah now… all she talks about is how she’s stunned, can’t believe it, etc. etc. and so on and so forth… What a downer, this is not my idea of an ideal vacation. Although I am glad that I’m here for her. Goodness knows we all need emotional support at a time like this.

~ by Brandy on June 19, 2006.

3 Responses to “DR: days 1 and 2”

  1. The D.R. reminds me of Puerto Rico, a little bit. Sorry that the trip ended on a sad note — hope your friend will be okay.

    As far as your tourism preferences – I’m the same way. That’s why, instead of visiting Hawaii for a two-week vacation, I ended up moving there for a few years!

    And that’s why I don’t mind traveling for work (to a point). I get to spend an extended amount of time in a city and learn a lot more about it than if I just visit it for a week or a weekend. Immersion travel, is what I call it.

    For the last few years I’ve been hoping to get an extended gig in London (and more recently, Dubai), for that same reason.

  2. Oh, and I meant to comment on the pointy-toed shoes. AAACK! My feet hurt just looking at that picture. Since my feet are WIDER at the toes than at the heel, (Fred Flintstone feet), I’d be hobbled for sure if I wore those. (Although I could, years ago in my youth — high school, etc.) Not anymore!

  3. Ouch – my eyes are watering looking at the photo of squished up toes. I could never wear shoes like that – my feet are too wide. Probably coz I’ve never worn shoes like that! Ha!

    Wow – nice to see your sock addiction growing 😉 I’m just such a slow knitter – it’s depressing. I have almost finished a sock I started last week when we were on hols – should have finished it by now really. Shame on me!

    Sorry to hear your holiday had a sad end 😦

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