Did you ever??

Have you ever just spent a good half an hour on a post just to have your brower stop working? That happened to me earlier today. I wanted to K*I*L*L the stupid computer. Stupid computer! Bad Bad!

So anyway… there was gonna be this story about how Bret and I were in Barcelona at this time last year. While we were there we were on La Rambla (shopping street/district) and we saw this big group of NUDE bicyclists. That’s right, they were lettin it all hang out… ALL. We had no idea why… now we know: Ciclonudista Cool stuff. I don’t know many people who would ride around naked for their cause. Would you?

Also, I finished the 2nd of the leaf and tendril socks days ago, and
took the pictures of them and everything, but then couldn’t seem to get my butt to the computer to post them. So here, while I’m motivated, enjoy!:

Look how helpful Bret was… cute

Also… Just so ya’ll know. I am now addicted to sock making… why? Not only because they are wearable items that don’t require seaming, but also because you can have FO’s so very quickly. I finished that second sock in just under a week. I am so proud of myself. (It’s just not the same with scarves, even though I LOVE scarves!!!)

And just so we’re clear on this… Blogger sucks, I was gonna put up more pics but it’s just not cooperating.

So… even though you’ll now be reading this post second… stay tuned.


~ by Brandy on June 13, 2006.

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