Socky Socky Joy Joy

Ok, so maybe a self patterning yarn with an intricate design like this isn’t the best idea, but that will never change my opinion of these socks!! I ADORE this sock, JUST LIKE THIS. It’s all girly, and contrasting, and PURPLE!!!

Here’s a close-up of the vine pattern, it’ looks so impressive, no? I feel so accomplished!

I only had a couple problems, like this dropped stitch (which you can’t really see, but it’s being held by that paper clip… how handy right? I just happened to have it around and viola, insta stitch-holder. I was confused for a while about “gobbling the gussett” Is that a technical term? I think it should have been explained better, maybe with pictures. Eventually I got it… or I think I did anyway. But it works so, whatever.

The tubular (invisible) bind off was way cool, I plan on using it for many projects. I did have to come up with my own way of doing it though, I am NOT comfortable taking stitches off the needles so they can hang out just waiting to be dropped or pulled out. So, as i let them off the single circular needle, I used 2 other circular needles in the same size (thank goodness I bought more!) and alternated them on each of those so I could graft them like the instructions on It worked like a dream!

I modified the pattern in many ways… After trying the toe just like instructed in the book, I decided that “no, my foot is not that pointy” and so I modified the “turned toe” but casting on fewer stitches and lengthening the short row stitches so as to creat a wider more rounded toe. It worked well. I will take pictures of the toe of the next sock so that ya’ll can see. I may even do another toe as instructed and take pictures of that so you can compare the two side by side. To compensate for the shorter toe this produced I simply knit a few rounds in the toe color before switching to the main color. Also… Since there’s already so much going on with this sock I didn’t feel the need to do all the leafy ribbing on the whole bag of the leg, instead I limited it to just one repeat of the leaf rib pattern to make a little cuff. Not bad if I do say so myself.


~ by Brandy on June 4, 2006.

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