Miserable excuses

Ummm… I was on vacation after graduation?
How about… My computer sprouted horns and tried to attack me?
Or maybe… My family drove me into a mental institution where there was no computer access?
I know! The massive amounts of alcohol that my family drove me to drink made me forget everything that may have been worth writing about.

I guess it’s really a combination of the last two. The stress from my family made me miss knitting sooo much that I became a crazy person, who, when not able to knit, just drank. Drank wine, beer, vodka… you get the picture.

I didn’t know that I needed the knitting that badly. I found time only ONCE to knit during the 4 days of family/friend uber-togetherness to pick up my sock. Poor neglected sock. And that one time, only lasted for 4 minutes. Very few stitches. Not exactly the therapy I needed. But it kept me sane for a good 20 minutes afterward.

Takes me back to about a week ago (pre graduation craziness) when i was hand-winding a ball of prism Colinette (pretty!) and i was just having a blast looking at the yarn as I wound it up. I said to Bret : “I just love knitting so much. What did I ever do without knitting??”

Now, I know. No knitting makes Brandy a dull girl. Read: crazy.

After the family and friends left me to my normal routine I eagerly picked up the knitting. The whole instep and toe done. All I have to do is graft it! and then I’ll have a PAIR of socks. TWO!
Amazing. But no pictures yet you naughties, the delay will only make you appreciate it that much more. I will graft it tonight! I swear! Then I will take pictures, and I will have Bret take pictures! And there will be socky wonderfulness!

Oh, and that yarn I wound up… I start to make something from one of my VK mags… Gorgeous yarn, good pattern. Together… ewwww. Glad I decided that before I finished it. FROGGGGGG

~ by Brandy on May 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “Miserable excuses”

  1. Knitting is my therapy too. When my boyfriend complains about me knitting through movies/shows/family get togethers/dinners…etc., I say, “it’s either this, or years of psychiatric help – pick one”

  2. Prism yarns are so darn fun! Pooh on anyone who turns their noses up at them because they’re “novelty”. I have a huge hank of “Wild Stuff” that I’ve not yet earmarked for a project. One day I’m going to have lots of fun knitting with that!

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