I haven’t had anything to blog about lately… no projects finished, no new knitting projects, no strong opinions on anything.
I didn’t even feel the need to share the joy of my last day of college. No I haven’t graduated yet, that’s next weekend, but classes/projects/finals are all done… WOOHOOO.

I’m still plugging away on the next sock, halfway down the gussett. No, I’m not farther along, but I’m blaming that on finals and papers that had to be written. But I have done quite a bit with it in the last few days. I finished the cuff and the heel flap, turned the heel and did half of the gussett as you know. It doesn’t sound like that much but when it’s only your second sock it’s a big deal.

Hmmm, what else?
Oh right… my aunt, my cousin and his wife are coming to town for my graduation. I am scared! Yes scared! I know they’re my family and all that blah blah blah… but they are some scary people sometimes. I have a very high maintenance family. They will fully expect me to cook them an impressive meal at least one night, will want to do touristy stuff *gag* and will probably expect me to keep them occupied for most of the time. Considering the fact that I didn’t want to actively participate in the whole graduation ceremony thing at all, let alone have to entertain people, I am displeased.

I would have much preferred my life go on after my last class with no other break from the norm exept the absence of that class. I did not sign up for this.

So any Richmond readers out there… If you know of something fun do to next weekend that does not include drinking (they are not big drinkers… and I would probably get sloshed trying to relax) please let me know.

Also… to my best friend…
I miss you! come back online! I haven’t talked to you in like 2 weeks! The withdrawal convulsions have almost stopped, but I’m afraid of a relapse!


~ by Brandy on May 13, 2006.

4 Responses to “114757872461726789”

  1. Take them to the Metro Richmond Zoo – that’s a good way to kill half a day, and kids love it. And then, on the way back, instead of preparing them a meal, stop at one of the many restaurants along 360 and eat there. There’s a few nice ones amongst all the fast food and chains.

    If they like museums, Richmond has a ton to choose from — the Science Museum might be a kid pleaser. If they like public gardens, there’s several of those, too — Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Maymont, etc. Agecroft Hall and Virginia House are very cool and right next door to each other in Windsor Farms – another good way to kill half a day. Do they like sports? Take them to an R-Braves game at the Diamond.

  2. I miss you too!!!!

  3. I loved the first sock.
    Glad to hear that the second one is coming along well.
    We’ll soon have you converted to sock knitting.
    It really is rather moreish.

  4. Hahah – I see ‘m’ has visited (Hi M!). Where’s that 2nd sock then – we want to see it – them – finished and on your feet!!!

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