one sock!

It’s official! I can knit socks, well sock anyway… that’s right one down, one to go. And it’s super cute, and honestly I’m kinda dismayed at how long my foot looks when the sock is not on :

I mean… man… that is one ginormous footsie. But on the plus side… It doesn’t look nearly that big when it’s on…

Are ya ready for my oh so sexy foot modeling?

Yeah baby! Beautiful, now give me that innocent look!

Wow! You look so hot!, come closer to the camera!

Oh the hotness.. I don’t think you can handle it! that stray end of yarn! My god!

Oh umm…. sorry about that, I got carried away. Yes I know the cuff is short, But you know.. I’m nt really one for long socks, I’m much more the ankle sock type so I decided to do the cuff at only 4 inches long so it could be folded down and still be pretty low. It’s a cute length, no?

P.S. new word of the day… it was absolutely time for it, and we all know a good vocabulary is sine qua non.


~ by Brandy on May 6, 2006.

2 Responses to “one sock!”

  1. Hey – that looks great 🙂 Really made me smile when I checked your blog and saw the photos. Hope you’ve cast on for its mate! I went on a stash enhancement adventure today and got some lovely sock yarns. Also bought some rowan cotton glace and a cute pattern for a hat and booties to make for my friend – she just had a baby girl. I’ve cast on for the hat tonight – need to get it done as it’s for 0-3 months old.

  2. Those are hot!–>

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