Me being shallow…

So I just went to the bathroom at work. In the bathroom there were 2 women who shall remain nameless… (partly because I don’t know their names, and partly because I have a coworker who reads this blog… Hi Connie!) And I know she will agree with me when I say… Dress for your body!!!

Connie and I had a discussion yesterday about the Commission’s dress code, and how some people fail to dress appropriately for business. Well, it’s not on the same subject exactly, but I think that some people have serious issues dressing for their body type.

These women in the bathroom are by no means in shape, yet they were talking about where they could find bikinis to fit them. Here’s a hint. If you can’t find a bikini that fits you, maybe you should NOT wear a bikini.

I know, how horribly shallow of me. And after all that Sociological Theory stuff I just learned concerning the social construction of what people think the body should look like. For instance, right now it’s really thin… luckily we’re coming back to curves being attractive, thank you Scarlett Johannson. But normally, anything over the (slightly low) standard of 100 pounds at 5 feet, plus 5 pounds for each additional inch, is looked down upon. And judging by people like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan (lately anyway) even this is considered whale sized.

Coincidently, I was watching an episode of “House” this morning while I was eating breakfast (Thank you TIVO!). One of the characters (Chase), commented that even though it seems wrong to try and live up to societies expectations of attractiveness, we are a part of society whether we like it or not. And that the definition of our level of attractiveness is awarded to us by other people in that society, so if society says we are unnattractive, we cannot claim otherwise, because it is a societal definition.

Okay so my explanation of his one line was a little more detailed, but since I’m at work I can’t very well rewind it and write it down verbatim.

But it still applies. So really, what I mean to say here is, good for you if you want to wear a bikini even though you wont look good in one. Just don’t do it around me, or most other people for that matter, we don’t want to see it.


~ by Brandy on April 28, 2006.

One Response to “Me being shallow…”

  1. Hey, I’m 40 and have no business wearing any bathing suit, much less a bikini, and I think people need to face up to the age and size limitations they have. After a certain age and/or weight, cover it up!

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