Things that were finished in the last 7 days:

Since I didn’t get to put up the pictures of the patio… grrrr blogger…

Here they are!


It would look better if it wasn’t raining, I swear. Also, If there was something on it. Notice the beautiful job they did in that tricky spot by the window sill. and the edging they did all the way around. Now I just need that grass to grow…

Well the next day (after I took the pictures) I put together the firepit Bret’s parents got us for Christmas, that looks fabulous on it!

But you don’t get to see thereal actual finished product until I’m done with the chairs (all 4 of em). Don’t worry, I’ve already put together 2 of them and put the first coat of stain on them. So I expect another 2 or 3 days and you’ll be able to see the patio in all of it’s firepit /conversation area/drunken stage glory!

Also, in ever-so-exciting news. The unbiased recyced silk bag is completed, ends woven in and everything! It’s so pretty. And it was really easy and fast to knit (if it wasn’t for the long stretches of break I took) You should really try it sometime.

I fully plan on making another one, maybe in blue or black… and a tad smaller, cuz the tote is bigger than i would need for everyday.


~ by Brandy on April 10, 2006.

4 Responses to “Things that were finished in the last 7 days:”

  1. Hey – the patio looks really fab. Bet you can’t wait for the sun to shine 🙂 I love the tote bag too – gorgeous colours. Wish your parcel would arrive!!!!

  2. I love the bag! I just might have to try this pattern – yay – more yarn to buy!

  3. I have a small ball of sari silk — how much did you find you needed for your bag? I’m thinking I don’t have enough.

    Yours turned out really nice! And the patio looks great, too. The rain actually shows it off to its best advantage — makes it look shiny.

  4. […] pretty, an overall winner.  Sure it’s novelty, but it is novelty for CHARITY. And you can make this with […]

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