Patio time = Party time

So much activity going on around the house. Basement, patio, general animal cleanup (ok, so that last one isn’t so exciting), but things sound better in odd numbers.

So they started working on it…Thursday morning, maybe Wednesday? It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, so I think Thursday. And they finished it this morning (Saturday). Wow. That is some seriously hard work to finish in just 3 (4?) days.

I know, “Where are the pictures?!?” right?

Here they are, gosh you guys are so impatient “Show me now, tell me later!!!” :

Somewhat dug out square of dirt and rocks… so ugly. I was embarrased.


There were 2 very hard working men (picture of only one) if they had been in the least bit attractive I would have made them pose so you could see. Trust me, you are not missing anything.

I was kinda worried about that little gap between that little window sill and the pavers… (just a little). Also I realize that the cement on the stairs going down to the deck needs to be painted again… but there are more important things.


It’s so pretty! I Lurve it! So much! Want to have party NOW. I’m thinking I should probably wait til it’s done raining for that though.

Blogger is not letting me put up pictures anymore… %$#%^^% I will try to put them up in a little bit.

Now If only the grass would grow evenly…


~ by Brandy on April 8, 2006.

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