Oh the Anticipation

The end is in sight dear readers! The end of my socially mandated schooling! I will be graduating in a month and a half! But, even better, I will be finishing classes in a month! No more research papers! No more group projects! (Please don’t burst my bubble by reminding me that group work still happens in the workplace)

Although I am proud of myself for finishing school finally, I think that I’m not as proud as I could be. After all, it took me 6 years. And as much as I like to blame this on changing majors and taking on an extra major at the end… We all know that I could have finished sooner… damn those dark years.

Turns out I probably won’t get to do what I’ve been wanting to do, which is be a psychologist. So that’s also a bit of a downer.

But one must look at the bright side and remind themselves of all the good things. I have done very well in my second major (Soiology)and could easily pursue something related to that field. Preferably Urban and Regional Planning (not that I’m exactly sure how that relates, but it sounds like fun.)

Lately I’ve been entartaining the idea of going into Real Estate. Anybody wanna buy a house from me? People have told me that they think I’d be good at that. I think this is because I’m practically obsessed with houses. How you ask? I go to each and every open house I can get to or find every Sunday, I love exploring homes, particularly in my own neighborhood. And I would like to say that some people have positively horrendous taste in decor. Ugggh. I ask people all the time if they would mind sharing how much they paid for their homes, when, and how much their value has risen since then. Rude right? I can’t help it. I NEED to know. It’s vital information to my life.

Maybe as a side thing, I could help new homeowners decorate, FUN! I would try to pursue the home decorating thing again, but I found that when working for a furniture store it’s really not very good money. And I don’t know that I have the qualifications for working with a real designer. Although I do know a girl who majored in Business Admin. and was quite successful as lead designer at a very reputable agency in Richmond… She left recently and told me she could put in a good word for me… hmmmm. but she said that would entail being at work at 7 am and working 12 hour days. A bit much perhaps?

ooops… boss coming gotta go!


~ by Brandy on April 5, 2006.

2 Responses to “Oh the Anticipation”

  1. haha – sounds like Real Estate for you then! Don’t know how it works in the USA. ‘Esate Agents’ over here have a reputation for not being the most honest people on the planet!

  2. You know, thanks to the internet, you don’t even have to ask people about the value of their homes anymore. You can go to the City of Richmond website (or any of the county websites) and look up home assessments and just type in any old address, and boom, there it is — how much it cost when it was first built/sold, and what it was sold for upon each subsequent sale, and what the city or county assesses the property’s value as (for tax purposes). Quite handy for the nosey neighbor in all of us! But it’s helpful to see what comparable homes in the neighbhorhood have sold for….–>

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