I think a little rant is required here.

I think some background is in order for my chosen word of the week.

The wonderful new Dove ads, you know the ones. The ones with the non-supermodel women in their underwear. The women that look normal, that have curves, and freckles, and maybe even a hint of cellulite here and there. How wonderful are those ads?

I think they are revolutionary. And so important in a time when we as a culture seem to be valuing the results of anorexia and bulemia so much. Shame on us really…

I saw a little editorial about them one day in a magazine.(I don’t remember which magazine unfortunately, or else I would link to it for you.) I hope to God, that the man who wrote the editorial was just an idiot and didn’t realize what he was saying. He was commenting on how much he liked the new Dove ads and how each day when he sat waiting for the bus, he admired the women in the ad that had been conveniently placed at his bus stop. He said his favorite was this one “heavier” girl who had a “Brobdingnagian beauty about her.”

Ok, all together now… Look at the definition… Enormous, Marked by tremendous size.

This was the picture in the magazine that went with the editorial (not in this langueage but it was this picture):

I really hope that he didn’t know the full meaning of the word. Because I took it as a jab at her weight. NONE of these women are by any means enormous. It made me angry.

Of course a great number of people reading the article probably had no idea of the meaning of Brobdingnagian and took it to have some association with beauty… which it does not. It’s only association is with great, massive size.


~ by Brandy on March 29, 2006.

One Response to “I think a little rant is required here.”

  1. Oprah had these women on her show one day — they came out on stage in their underwear. She mentions them probably once a week….

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