A Little Snag in the Creative Process

So I finished the tempting sweater. But I’m glad I warned Vyque that it would be late because it’s a bit too big. The body would fit her fine, but when the top edge is loose on me… it’s definitely going to be too big for her shoulders… and boobs popping out in public aren’t a good thing.

It’s the ribbing… The ribbing makes the whole thing nice and snug how it’s supposed to be. But then the bind off… makes the ribbing non existent and just stretches out the neck line area. Anyone have any ideas how to remedy this?


~ by Brandy on March 25, 2006.

One Response to “A Little Snag in the Creative Process”

  1. What if you did the neckline like her version of “Tempting II”, (also on Knitty), where she’s got a buckle thing on it — I can’t tell if that’s for decoration or if one can really snug up the neckline with that. Doesn’t she have a ribbon threaded through the neckline of one of her sweaters? (Or is that Tempting?) Perhaps that would help snug it up.

    Or perhaps you can switch to a tighter ribbing (1×1?) around the neck? Maybe before switching to 1×1 you could decrease all the way around, perhaps every other purl rib you could purl 2 together? No idea how that would turn out — just grasping at straws here….

    You could always email the designer….

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