I haven’t been much for writing the last few days

I decided that I should probably wait until I had something better than “hey what’s up” to write.
So…. here it is! In mostly picture form.

A gift from my secret pal… My most awaited and anticipated joy of joys!

Vogue Knitting!!

Secret Pal… I know you were worried about whether or not it would come, well it has, and I am excitedly planning on making a number of the fantastic items found within. Items such as :

Side Tie V Neck

Flowered Belt Camisole>>>

There are more, but as blogger has decided to give me a hell of a time with the photos I’m only putting up what’s neceassary for now 🙂

I know what you’re thinking… I should try maybe finishing something now and then.
Well looky looky… I am a mere 4 rows from finishing the tempting sweater!

Yes, the top doesn’t look quite right to me either… and I haven’t even made it as long in the arms as I was supposed to, I was supposed to knit 5 inches from the join in the underarm and I only went 4… If it’s just too long, I’ll have to frog some of it and make it a bit shorter at the top. easy! I hope… or, you could just fold it over… hmmm.

Also I finished 2 of the 4 sides to the “unbiased” recycled silk bag. I love that yarn, it’s so much fun! Not for those with OCD though, the irregularity could drive ya crazy.


The basement is all waterproofed… except for the damn leaky shower stall. That hideous excuse for a shower stall, that one which I hate with every ounce of my being. Anyhoo… on with the progression.

yes… It looks like a serial killers basement. You would just expect to see a big well-like hole in the middle. *It puts the lotion on it’s skin*

ummm… so… right…

In other pictures… this one shows some of the scary (SCARY) wiring going on in the basement… yeah, It looks to me like the wires, The wires! are rotted… That’s not really possible is it??

I’m not the only one afraid to touch that thing.

I have more, but I can’t tolerate blogger any more right now… I fear I might hunt down the people responsible and murder them… Or maybe just throw their computers out their windows.

~ by Brandy on March 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “I haven’t been much for writing the last few days”

  1. Ooh – glad to see your Vogue turned up ok 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you make from it! Guess there’s no sign of the parcel yet? 😦 Maybe I should have just got on a plane with it myself hehehe – probably would have been cheaper than airmail anyhow!

  2. Nice job on the “Tempting” sweater. I love her designs. Wish I had a figure that could wear them.

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