Brandy’s adventures in waterproofing

or rather… Brandy’s adventures in paying other people to come into the house to waterproof for her.
Yup, Bret and I wanted to refinish the basement (yes refinish). It was finished before Hurricane Gaston came into Richmond for a brief and turbulent stay. It wasn’t finished nicely, but it was finished. Well after 2 feet of water invaded my home… followed by mold and other such unpleasant things…. I decided it was high time I did something to foil mother nature’s plans! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

So, I got a great estimate from a company backed by Basement Systems, (nationally recognized for their superior quality) and agreed to have them come waterproof my basement. The best thing??? They did the estimate yesterday. They started the work this morning! What service! What exceptional time management! How amazing!

I love instant gratification!!
I know you all want to see pictures of my dark dank moldy basement…
which looks like a tornado blew through it.
I’ll be sure to post more as the work gets further along. That gray thing right at the base of the wall? That’s what’s going to keep my basement from the dangers of water!!! It’s fantabulous! They had to jackhammer out the concrete around the perimeter of the basement so they can lay that “tubing” (I’m officially calling it that because I don’t remember the actual name) then they smooth concrete over it.
It sits slightly away from the foundation wall so that any “seepage” (that’s the right word) through the walls will not go onto the floor but into the piping and drained away to the new sump pump (with battery pack backup) will pump outside into basement water oblivion! Same thing with any water coming up from underneath. It’s genius. and since it doesn’t sit in any dirt, it won’t get clogged by mud! YAY.
Yes I am a household building/technical geek wannabe.
Ok, more pictures later!

~ by Brandy on March 17, 2006.

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  1. OOOhhh, so jealous!

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