Oh so tempting

I decided that I should hold off on using my new yarn from my secret pal in favor of starting Vyque’s birthday present. I thought that this should be higher on my list of priorties because her birthday is on the 21st. I know, right around the corner. So I’m making a cute little sweater for her. It’s on the top of my “on my needles” section. It’s the “tempting” sweater from knitty. So cute. I know she’ll like it because she already approved it. YAY!
I think it’s coming along rather quickly and I might even have it done in just a couple more days.

She also picked out the color. It looks slightly more orange in the picture than it is. It’s closer to a wine red really. And oh how I love the yarn. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. So soft. Love!

You might be wondering about the vase. That’s simple. If you remember, I have many animals. For some reason they feel it nessecary to leave large amounts of hair lying around. I decided that using the vase would not only keep the yarn off hair-y surfaces, but it would keep it rolling around in just one place where my cat wouldn’t be tempted to try and mangle it. this was also an economical solution since buying one of those handy dandy little yarn feeder thingies would have been not only another not necessary reason to spend money, but also something else to take up spece in here. And space is something I need more of.

Those of you who know me, might not think I value my space as much as I say. My home is somewhat cluttered, but really really really I am trying to tame the stuff beast. I had that big yard sale remember? And I have stuff up here that will eventually go in the basement, when it’s finished sometime. And I fully intend to have another yard sale this spring! Yay for getting rid of crap! Plus, a yard sale will help fund furnishing the finished basement when it get’s finished someday (this year I SWEAR).

I know, I’m very ambitious. I also plan on having the patio done within a month. But that is not do to any elbow grease on my part. Bret tried desparately for some time to convince me that we would do it ourselves. That was a year ago. The hole is still not dug out completely. So I hired someone. This, Is much more efficient. Then I’ll actually get to have that housewarming party I told everyone I would have 2 years ago!

I wonder if anyone will bring me houseplants as housewarming gifts… I seem to have killed most of mine.


~ by Brandy on March 12, 2006.

2 Responses to “Oh so tempting”

  1. Oh wow! That sweater is SOOO cute!

  2. I like the vase idea for the yarn — I too have cat hair everywhere. I will have to try that. Of course, a ziplock bag also works and won’t break if you drop it.

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