Harry Potter and the gift of the Secret Pal

I realized today that Harry Potter came out Yesterday. I must be slipping. Normally I would have been waiting on Monday night at Walmart to get it at 12:00 exactly. What? What’s that you say? Freak, you say? That’s right baby… fly freak flag, FLYYYYY.

But seriously I love me some Harry Potter. If I could have been a witch and gone to Hogwarts, I woulda been there faster than you could apparate. So, after my test today, and a stint at the gym, I’ll have to go grab it at my local DVD purveyor.

And then I will knit while I watch it.

Perhaps using goodies from this:

  • note:
  • the 2 gorgeous balls of %100 wool yarn – someone knows I want to felt 🙂

the oh so yummy chocolate… eaten

  • the nifty little cone incense

  • and the tapestry needles I so badly need if I actually want to finish anything.

And she said there was more coming! Oh how exciting! I wonder if a scarf would be too sturdy when it’s felted… no one likes a hard scarf. But if I made a scarf I certainly wouldn’t HAVE to felt it. Most likely the trick would be to remember not to wash it.

The yarn is nice and thick, it shouldn’t take too much time to finish something uop with it… Maybe a drop stitch! Oh how I love drop stitch!

~ by Brandy on March 8, 2006.

One Response to “Harry Potter and the gift of the Secret Pal”

  1. Hooray – your goodies arrived safely 🙂 I was starting to wonder if someone in customs had sniffed out the chocolate and yarn! Glad you like the wool – I reckon a scarf would turn out nice. I have to admit – I got some of this for me as well 🙂 I haven’t done drop-stitch – what does that look like? Anyway – I’m really pleased the parcel arrived – coz the next one is going in the post on Saturday 😉

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