Bret’s sweater…

I didn’t finish it. And even if I had I wouldn’t have given it to him. (And we all know that they idea I had about giving it to a friend wasn’t really ever going to happen.) That post I did? Last Sunday? We almost broke up that day. The same day I would have finished the sweater. Now, that. is. creepy.

I put it together to the point where I could put it on to see how it might look when it was finished. It was just bad. And I completely blame the yarn. Red Heart no more! It had so much give to it that the ends of the shoulders were almost to my elbows. And that made my sleeves hang down below my knees. (And I’m not a loose or tight knitter, every gauge check I’ve ever done was near perfect)

So, I have decided to throw away this monstrosity and declare it done!

I know, it’s not exactly a “finished object”, but I think that under the circumstances it needs to be done. No frogging, no pictures, no more attention given to this horrible boyfriend breaker upper sweater.


~ by Brandy on March 8, 2006.

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  1. I like your new template! Easier to read! 🙂

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