I was on my way to class (where I am sitting now, not even half paying attention to the teacher… I am also listening to my ipod on only one earbud…) And I drove past an inordinate amount of runners. Now I don’t know if this is like this everywhere… but for some reason runners here like to run in the street. Even though we have reasonably large sidewalks here the runners prefer to run on the streets… usually in the opposite direction of traffic? Why is this?

Do runners have some insane death wish? Do they want to see that cars are having to swerve out of their lane of traffic into another, sometimes occupied lane, crowding the other drivers and becoming a very unsafe situation. This is potentially VERY expensive for those people in the cars. Why oh why are runners on the streets?

I suspect they are angry that they are running (even though they chose to do such a silly thing) and want to make everyone else angry and miserable as well.

~ by Brandy on March 6, 2006.

2 Responses to “running”

  1. I often find my thoughts drifting towards death during periods of strenuous activity or exercise.

    I suspect Richmond’s runners often find themselves wondering if death would be less painful than running the rest of the way home. Their running in the street is a desperate cry for help from all the oncoming motorists.

    Next time you’re driving know that you are the one that can end their suffering.

    I’m sure that you will do the right thing.

  2. Well, runners (and walkers, for that matter –any pedestrians) are supposed to face traffic while walking or running in the street. Opposite of bicycles who are supposed to follow automobile directions. But why runners run on the street and not the sidewalk I’ll never understand….

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