finishing the sweater…

Maybe. I have the shoulders sides and along the sleeves seamed up and put together but I am baffled as to how to do the underarm. The edges of the arms and the edges of the bottom of the arm hole just don’t seem to fit together. Do I just ignore it and seam them up along the lower part of the arm hole? That would make sense right? I mean I wouldn’t want some kind of wonky extra areas under the arms, but like I said, they just don’t seem to match up. All my individual pieces looked like they should according to the drawings in the pattern.

It might end up being one of those things I leave for a couple months until I’ve naturally acquired some more knitting wisdom, at which time I’ll look at it again and go… DUH!

But, if anyone knows how it’s done or can find a website of how to do it, I would be ever so grateful.


~ by Brandy on February 26, 2006.

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