That is some Bull@#%&… Seriously

I was driving my usual route home from school today and I passed by a corner I always pass that has the same familiar face on it almost everyday.

The homeless man

Or so he would like people to think.

He begs for money from poor unsuspecting Richmonders.

I am sorry, but I would have to say that this man does NOT need your money.

My evidence?

  • He bikes to that corner, but he does not keep his bike with him, he parks it a block away, so people won’t know it’s his. How do I know this? I was sitting at a stop light and saw him walk up to it and unlock it and bike away…
  • He always has clean sneakers. How many homeless people do you know that are clean themselves? Let alone have clean sneakers?
  • I saw him sitting in front of the fire station near where he stands talking on his…. wait for it……… his CELL PHONE. Cell phones are expensive, there are people I know with homes that can’t afford a cell phone. You cannot get a cell phone without an address. OR if he had a prepaid cell phone… what was he doing taking that money to buy a prepaid cellphone instead of getting food, or even a hotel room to spend the night in if he’s so homeless…

If I were homeless, I would pick a bed over a cellphone any day… ANY DAY.



~ by Brandy on February 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “That is some Bull@#%&… Seriously”

  1. Let me guess — he stands at the corner of Broad and Belvidere? Just a couple blocks from the homeless shelter where he can get three squares a day? I find those panhandlers so annoying. I hate being in the left-turn lane at that light — you’re sure to have some freak tapping on your window….

  2. Me again.

    Wanted to also share that there’s a formerly homeless guy who knits and has a knitting blog ( and a “what it’s like to be homeless” blog, ( and he’ll be the first one to tell you that you should not give money to panhandlers — they will use it for drugs or booze.

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