It’s been an eh day… productive but eh.

Went to my internship this morning and while I was digging around old emails looking for a date for my journal(which I’m keeping as a part of my internship… or rather, what I should have been keeping) I stumbled across an email from VCU telling me that graduating seniors had until Feb. 3 to complete their graduation paperwork…

**insert massive freak-out here**

I emailed my advisors, I phoned my advisors, I left messages, I called again. I did the paperwork, what I could without my advisors, and freaked out some more.

Turns out that the bastards at VCU send out that letter not REALLY as a deadline, but as a warning. Of course, it doesn’t say that on there anywhere, it just has the deadline, which was past. So I got the paperwork done for one of my majors, but the office for the other one was closed when I got there, so… Monday


Last night, while I was trying to fall asleep, I was thinking to myself how disastrous it would be if I ever had a child that was a Gemini. Not to offend any Gemini’s out there, I do fine with you guys as aquaintences. But in any kind of close relationship I’ve had with a Gemini, we have come to hate, despise and generally loathe one another.
Example 1: My mother. – generally not the kindest of creatures, she used to beat me until I was black and blue (this is not a joke). She sometimes had to call me in sick to school because I could not sit down. She told me she never wanted me. etc etc. It just get’s worse.
Example 2: My ex-boyfriend. – He also beat me (do we see a trend here?) but I hit him back in defense (can’t really do that with your mom). He cheated on me. He used me for support: financial support… bastard. He was madly and maddeningly inconsiderate. And he agreed that I was fat.
So, I decided last night that when I eventually start trying to have a child, I would NOT concieve a child in the months of September or October… I might lengthen those times to August thru November just to be sure.
I also got the electricity fixed in the front of my house so it doesn’t look ghetto anymore.
*happy dance*

~ by Brandy on February 24, 2006.

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