my secret pal

How do I love thee???
Let me count the ways…

But seriously, I have the best secret pal ever! Not only does she keep in contact with me often and so very cheerfully, she let’s me know how she’s doing, what she’s been up to and generally spoils me rotten.
I went to bed last night saying “I love my secret pal! She’s the best! I can’t believe she got me a subscription to my favorite knitting magazine!” And then bret made me stop raving about it because the lights had been off for 10 minutes…
That’s right… she got me a subscription to Vogue Knitting. The one I obsess over, the one I love to pieces… literally (I had to buy 2 of the fall issue).
And she thinks she’s not the greatest! I just hope whoever’s spoiling her is doing a fantastic job, because boy does she ever deserve it.

I hereby give my secret pal the
Most Kickass Secret Pal Award!

That’s right… it’s a superhero… and it’s fitting


~ by Brandy on February 16, 2006.

One Response to “my secret pal”

  1. Hahaha – that’s cool – thanks!! Glad you like the gift (have you had any confirmation from the Vogue peeps – I fear I might have got my email address wrong so I haven’t heard anything Oops!). It cheered me up when I got it last night and I’m really pleased you like it 🙂 My secret pal has been spoiling me very well – she sent me a fab parcel a week or so ago with lots of nice, thoughtful gifts. This secret pal thing is a lot of fun!

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