Why do I even bother??

I don’t know why I bother getting dressed uplike a respectable member of society (when so many people in there are wearing sweatshirts and torn jeans) and going to court (even though I could have prepaid) and sitting there for 3 hours (yes 3) having done such things like take a whole perfectly good saturday to go to driver improvement school (which took a long ass time and cost $65).

I did that so that I could go to court and say:

“Yes, I know I’m a bad driver, but I am trying to fix it… and look! You don’t even have to give me driving school because I already took it. So if you could just be a dear and dismiss this ticket I would be ever so grateful. Especially considering your courtroom has no padding on the seats and I am the last *VERRRRY LAST* (literally… the LAST person in the courtroom… stupid W last name) person here and I took the initiative to fix my bad driving.”
Okay, so I didn’t actually say that, but that’s what it meant… and all of us knew it.
But I get no recognition for my efforts…
So, I got the fine reduced from $91 down to $50. But I still had to pay court fees for $61. Plus my unappreciated efforts at driving school – $65.
If I had prepaid the ticket? = $91
But instead :go to driving school and court to avoid paying anything on ticket /insurance? = $176
reward for my efforts? = $0
total time spent on avoiding paying more money? = 9 hours
What day did this happen on? Valentine’s Day
Just another reason to hate Valentine’s, and court, and police, and not doing what I wanted to do in the first place – prepay.

~ by Brandy on February 14, 2006.

One Response to “Why do I even bother??”

  1. Oh dear – poor you 😦
    I sent you an email – with something which I hope will cheer you up!!!

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