whatever happened to winter?

I seriously miss the days when it actually snowed in Virginia. The last good snowstorm we had was way back in 2003… but we didn’t even get any snow days. So maybe the last GOOD one was in early 2000. Yup, got nearly 4 days off in a row in 2000. I really think that was the last time there was a snow day from VCU. 6 years is a bit ridiculous, no? People around here are still really excited/worried when it snows though. I guess old habits die hard. There hasn’t been any reason to rush out the night before the predicted snowstorm and buy milk and bread etc etc like crazy people since 2000 but still the grocery shelves are bare ahead of time.

I think the college students around here expect more from the hurricanes than from the snow. In fall, when we are virtually bombarded with the tail-ends of hurricanes, people ages 19-27 stock up on hurricane preparedness necessities — beer, liquor, and ummmmm… chips I guess.

Yes, people around here live for the hurricane craziness. We walk to bars to party in the torrential downpours! We drive around while trees are falling! We f*** like rabbits cuz there’s no power! We get all dirty and stinky, because we haven’t had water in a week and that liquor smell just wont get washed off for a while. So we wait for more hurricanes to come wash us off as we play in the rain! Yes, fall is very exciting here in Richmond.

But we still have high hopes for winter, ever year…. This year with all the hurricanes made us think, wow heavy winter coming up. But no, mother nature deprived us of any sort of wintery precipitation, snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain. Nothing. How. Disappointing. I really want to move north, I miss snow that much. I want to go all the way to Boston, where this is happening:

photo : bliu blog

Bret isn’t down with that kind of northerliness… but what other cool places would there be north of here…

D.C.? too much traffic, still no snow. Somewhere in Maryland? too much traffic, probably still not north enough. Pennsylvania? I like being in a coastal state, but maybe… New Jersey? hmm, possibly, close to New York, relatively close to D.C. but am I down with living in the “garden” state? Isn’t it supposed to smell like trash? New York? too much traffic, way too expensive, but a glamourous idea still. Connecticut? What a lovely idea… maybe one day when I’ve grown super-preppy. Rhode Island? Just too small. Massachusetts? (doesn’t the spelling just not look right?) Yep, definitely want to live in or around the Boston area.

So between here and Boston, I’m kind of lukewarm, plus, look at that picture again. How pretty to wake up to something like that.


~ by Brandy on February 13, 2006.

3 Responses to “whatever happened to winter?”

  1. Ahh snow! We don’t get much of that over here anymore 😦 I remember having to trudge through the snow to get to school when I was a kid – yikes, it’s not THAT long ago! What happened to Winter? Typical really – we’ve got a lovely open fire now – it would be SO much more cosy with a good few inches of snow outside (like, enough that we don’t have to try getting to work hehehe!)

  2. Connectivut has the lowest marriage rate in the US right now.

    I like to find facts and find the barest possible connection to be almost completly random.

  3. Even in Canada winter is not like what it is normally like. It is werid. I wrote about it in my blog. COME BACK WINTER!

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