Just because…

I like Star Trek: The Next Generation (and I realize I am a big dork, but if you try to stop me I will “stab you in the neck!”) I was watching it this evening after I got home from quite a lively night out with my bodyguards (aka, my boyfriends friends). And who was on there? None other than our dear desperate housewife… Teri Hatcher. In all her slutty star trek glory. She was the official whore of the show.
I, thought it was hilarious. I mean, come on… Teri Hatcher, playing the girl who answers her door in a red negligee and matching red gloves??? Wowza is really all I can say… And not in that good way. Anyhooo…. I guess everyone had to get their start somewhere.

I have also discovered my boyfriend’s apparent inability to get jealous. This is a good thing, it means he really trusts me. But, being a girl (and I’m sure that Vyque will touch on this at some point…) I think that he should feel some kind of twinge when I go out alone. Something that might say to him (even if in the smallest way) that he needs to watch out for me because other guys might try something. Anything.
Yes, tonight I went out with a bunch of his guy friends (whom I previously mentioned as my “bodyguards.”) And I drink with them, dance with them, and even flirt with them… to a certain point… Of course nothing that could really be construed as anything more than harmess banter. But it would still be nice to know that my boyfriend might maybe be concerned even just a little bit. It’s absolutely bizarre, but I think it’s fairly common that a girl wants that kind of reaction, just to reaffirm to herself that she is in fact *worth it* or *desirable*. Which of course she is. But sometimes, even though you might tell her that which you think she wants to hear, she might need to actually hear those exact words (good or bad)coming out of your mouth, in order to get the whole picture.


~ by Brandy on February 12, 2006.

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