Drinking, and Reading and Knitting, oh my!

Maybe I should try not drinking when I go out sometime. It’s not that I get these horrible hangovers or anything. I would just like to remember what was actually said during a conversation rather than just remembering that there was a conversation and that maybe it was about some topic or other.
In other news, I’ve discovered I have a new reader, Hi Jason! Just so you all know, Jason is a teddy bear wrapped up in this cute facade of coolness. Or something equally as complimentary. Jason, could however be a potential problem as a reader seeing as how he’s Bret’s friend. Somehow, all of Bret’s friends think we have this perfect fairytale-like relationship. And for the most part we do. But I am the psychotic side of that relationship, and as my friends knowI overreact and tell everyone in the world about my problems via blog. It is not that bad in real life. But have no fear! I will continue to whine and moan like you all look forward to, HA.
I got my first present from my secret pal last week! Now I’ll be able to knit socks! yay! I would have posted about it sooner, but Bret was monopolizing the camera for a couple days and so I couldn’t have given you that oh-so-exciting picture I know you’re just dying for.


~ by Brandy on February 4, 2006.

2 Responses to “Drinking, and Reading and Knitting, oh my!”

  1. Hang in there Brandy…Bret will realize what he’s got and come around.

  2. 🙂 SP here! I’ve almost got my first ‘proper’ parcel ready to send to you – it’s been fun putting it all together. I’m just waiting for one vital ingredient to arrive and as soon as it does, the parcel will be on its way to you. I hope you will like it!

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