matchmaker matchmaker

Awwww, I restored my friends faith in the opposite sex. I kept telling her how nice my guy friends are and now she’s actually seen it for herself. Of course it took more than half the evening for them to actually talk to one another. But once they started, they hit it off really well. And thank god! Finally there’s an opportunity for her to hook up with a nice guy. Instead of one who’s sleeping around with skanky girls who leave their thongs in peoples couches! EWWWW.

It was so cute. Actually two of them are interested in her and both of them were so shy in the beginning asking things like “What do I say??” One of them got up the nerve first, and the other got worried that he had forever lost his chance. Not so! I got her to spend about equal time with both of them, because my skills? So smooth. Now she really has her choice. It’s raining men. Now, if one of them would just kiss her in the rain and then spoon with her while watching a scary movie, she’d be putty in their hands.

How simple it all seems. I think Women in the Mist might actually be very useful, once she gets it up and running for real. Help and interpretations for the clueless male. Wish I had thought of it. But it’s not really my area of expertise. I can manage my own relationships, but I’m not good with other people’s. Now, if anyone needs sex advice. I’m your girl for that.


~ by Brandy on January 29, 2006.

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