All good things

So, in the last few weeks I may have been a bit marriage minded. But really, to those people that know, me this is not a new occurance. But I swear to all that is good and pure, these articles do not help me. If anything they make me say “that’s exactly what I said, why isn’t he takinging this in … … a way?!?!?” It’s really unnreasonable to make me suddenly think in those sorts of terms.
Yes, I want to be one of those “barefoot in a sundress baking a pie” kind of women, but not in that context. I want to be happily married… with a savings account for each of the kids, however many there may be. Enough for them to go to college without loans, and maybe for the boy to father some unexpected grandkinds along the way… That kind of unexpected kink.

Or something… all I know, is that I get many offers of all different kinds of life. But I only want the one…

The one that I’m currently working towards

The one, that seems just so… Close and then just seems to fall out of my hands…

But, I suppose I can wait for it.

They say “all good things come to those who wait” I wonder how much time that really takes.


~ by Brandy on January 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “All good things”

  1. Ah, you’re still young. I’m sure things will work out for you! How’s the knee??

  2. still gross and hurty, but better, I don’t limp as much now

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