My knee hurts…. why you ask? Because I am ever so graceful, yes ballerina like even. You know how Cameron Diaz has that reputation for being so clumsy, I’m way beyond that. I can’t even walk without injuring myself. No kidding.

Bret teases me because I sometimes stumble or trip for no reason. This was one of those times. No apparent reason other than that my ankle doesn’t like to work sometimes, and viola… now I limp on both legs. Why? because I twisted my left ankle and scraped my right knee. It is still doing all sorts of icky healy stuff… 12 hours later… blah. Yes I have had to change the dressing on that sucker 4 times now, you’d think I was a hemophiliac.
I guess this means no gym for me for a couple days… poor me, (muahahaha).

What will I do with all this newfound couchbound time?
Maybe I’ll actually start getting into my text books for the semester (right)


I could start knitting a new sweater for Bret. Not that he’s a big sweater wearer. I’ll probably end up wearing it more than him. Perhaps I’ll draw up a pre-knitual agreement. Something that says I get it back if anything ever happens to split us up. Isn’t there some sort of knitters myth that knitting a sweater for a significant other is kind of like a curse?
Well curse be damned! And homework too! Onto the sweater I say!

But first bedtime… I’m up hours later than usual… 2 am!


~ by Brandy on January 18, 2006.

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