just a little rant

Why do you people even bother asking me? It’s not like anyone listens to my opinion anyway, even when it is asked for. And on certain issues, I do actually know what I’m talking about… you that asked know who you are!

If you want to lose weight and ask me how, I can tell you how. I might not be the best role model, since I don’t actually practice my diet as I should, and I haven’t been exercising as regularly, but that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong.

If you want to get laser hair removal… I know more about it than you do. Since I’ve been going and getting good results for a year now, you’d think my experiences would warrant some trust. But they are asked for and dismissed with equal ambivalence.

If you want to go back to school then fucking do it. Don’t ask for my opinion or act like you care and then actively go against yours and my better judgment because work is your top priority instead of your education. Why bother with my opinion.

I’m sure there are more, but as of now, these are the pressing issues.


~ by Brandy on January 12, 2006.

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