Do you ever feel like your life is just stagnant? I feel like everything going on in my life is just filler. Like the commercials between the show, and not the good ones, but the really sucky ones… the ones that you stare at but don’t process, the ones that make you forget what show you were watching. Like my life is on hold while useless time goes by.

Nothing is moving. Im still in school. Bret is still not in school. Our relationship is basically at a standstill. Household projects aren’t getting done. I have no motivation to start new knitting projects, and no motivation to finish old ones. I don’t want to gain more weight but I don’t want to go to the gym. Not that I could get there even if I wanted to. Or get anywhere for that matter, seeing as how I am once again carless. I could clean the house, but it would just get dirty again. I could do laundry, but there would be more tonight. I could keep writing, but no one reads this anyway.


~ by Brandy on January 12, 2006.

3 Responses to “113708712891175240”

  1. Curtis and I read every day!

  2. I read everyday too!

  3. Hey – I’m reading. Get blogging!

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