I was gone, did you miss me?

We went to Colorado and Bret got to meet my family… a delay of over a year, lucky boy that one. After the obligatory briefing on mannerisms, expectations and strange family quirks I felt he was prepared to enter the lion’s den. Or the wolfe’s (yes with an e) den as the case may be.

Well, Bret succussfully impressed the family, they are absolutely raving about him. So happy I found someone of “quality.” It was sickening really, in that “yay I’m so happy way.”
I really think what won them over was his willingness to play games with them. I have a gaming family: board games, card games, any old games you can think of. And not only did he play the games with them, he wiped the table with them.
I kept warning them, that he was gonna pretend he didn’t get it when really he had it and us all figured out. (jokingly of course, we do alot of shit talking around the gaming table: but not with language like that mister!) And boy did he ever! There was one game of Samba that we played (a fantastic card game, not for the weak of hand) that he won the game at 10,000 points and I was left waaaaaaay back at around 2,000. Poor me…

But I know the game talk must be less than interesting for some of you non gamers out there. And If any of my friends needed any more evidence that I am a dork, there you have it.

Also while we were there we went sightseeing. Colorado, though not as lush as Virginia, is beautiful in it’s own way, that way being mostly dried out yellowish hues but they always have the most beautiful blue skies. Amazing really.

After 9 days in a strange, and very hard, bed… I think Bret really missed the comfort of our own feather bed/down comforter/general coziness: Awwwww so cute.

~ by Brandy on January 9, 2006.

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  1. Games kick ass! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!–>

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