All that work…

for NOTHING. I work my ass off all semester knowing very well I’m not going to get all A’s, but at least working toward 2 of them… and now? Now there’s a good chance I won’t get ANY A’s. three B’s and a C, but no A’s.
Yes I know, many people would be more than happy to get three B’s, but I am not one of them this semester. Why you ask?
BecauseI have worked my ASS off this semester. I have all but lost most of my friends because I haven’t seen them in months… for once I actually did all my homework and tests ahead of time and turned them in on time and read every single friggin chapter of every single textbook that was assigned. And I’m getting B’s.
If I had known that I was a mediocre student regardless of time spent, I maybe could have NOT driven myself crazy these last few months and relaxed a bit.
But, no… now my friends are gone, my poor boyfriend has probably gone crazy and I am ready to rip some teachers heads off.
If I had just slacked off like usual, I would have gotten these grades anyway, but then I’d feel lucky I’d done so well…

And really what’s better B’s and warm-squishy-lucky feelings? or B’s and murderous rages?

You be the judge


~ by Brandy on December 13, 2005.

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