The First Christmas

for us, together, that is.

I was feeling particularly in the Christmas spirit and was slightly angered by the fact that if I got a real tree, it would have been dead by Christmas. After many internal heated arguments with myself (because I’ve always said I wouldn’t get a fake tree) I decided that having a fake tree and being able to enjoy it longer is far better than having a dead tree on Christmas because I forgot to water it, or the dog decided he would pee on it.

So… viola… this gorgeous Christmas tree was purchased:
Of course I forgot to take pictures of the set up of the tree which was filled with alot of :
“It’s tilted!, go back under it and try to straighten the trunk”(me)
“It’s only a little bit tilted, you can barely notice”(bret)
“I will notice it… Pleeeeease fix it?” (me)
“It’s fine”(bret)
“Oh fine, I’ll do it…” grumble grumble (me)
“blast… maybe we should have done this before we started decorating it”(me)
“I’m telling you it’s fine”(bret)
“I’ll just turn it til it looks straight”(me)
**turn, turn, turn**
“stupid fake tree” (me)

Well the tree is still tilted, but I love it just the same. at some point we’re going to get one of those cheesy “Our First Christmas” ornaments, and maybe put it on there on Christmas Eve. I know, so cute right? Don’t you just want to gag from the cuteness?

The animals were quite curious about the tree. Dirty decided it was his new favorite snack :

Cooper wanted to get in on it too:

Just for the sake of super cuteness everywhere, Dirty wishes everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


~ by Brandy on December 6, 2005.

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  1. Yay Christmas!!!–>

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