The joyful blues

I absolutely adore the holiday season. For months before December even starts you could catch me listening to Christmas music, it just makes me so happy.
Last night I went to celebrate Thanksgiving with Bret’s family. I love every single member of his family and I am grateful that I get to spend such wonderful family time with them. We talked and laughed and had a great time hearing stories about when the kids were little. It reminded me about what it’s like to have such a close family.

I don’t have that anymore, having lost both parents when I was in my early teen years I haven’t had a stable home life in a long time. I don’t know anymore what It’s like to have the security of having a family that you can always count on. What’s left of my family is all out in Colorado, so I can’t go see them at a moments notice, and beeing so distant has the effect of putting a strain on our relations. We always act so proper around each other (partially because that’s how we were raised, and partially because the distance keeps us from really getting to know each other), and it is tiring!
I would love to be included in Bret’s big family, I think that it would make me feel whole again.


~ by Brandy on November 25, 2005.

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