Ellen (who I don’t know, but whose blog I read daily) is putting up this cards like the ones her husband uses in his therapy sessions. They are supposed to help a person open up and realize things about themselves. This one was

“I need to get rid of…”

I need to get rid of my anxiety about the future. I’m always trying to rush to the next stage of life instead of trying to enjoy this one while I can. It’s not only nervewracking for me but for the people around me. (especially Bret, I’m sorry)


~ by Brandy on November 13, 2005.

2 Responses to “113186093575016051”

  1. silly girl, you need to chill out. try by taking baby steps backwards. instead of “are we going to get married” think “where should we go on our next romantic vacation.”

  2. Thank you for al the posts to my new blog!

    You rock…

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