Ridiculous Frustrations

I don’t know why some things are bothering me lately… and there is absolutely no reason for me to be bothered by them

  • my boyfriend has continued to clean – I don’t know why this is bothering me. I think it may be my stupid head trying to take offense to this in some way. Like “does he think I can’t clean properly?!?” And I know… all of you are going to say that I’m being the most ridiculous woman in all the world and I should sit back and enjoy my newfound freedom from housework and use the time better by continuing to knit up a storm.
  • I grow increasingly impatient with everything in life – i won one of those really expensive vacuum cleaners on ebay and it’s been 4 days now, without so much as a confirmation of payment from the seller.
  • I do the laundry regularly and am infuriated every time i see a piece of clothing on the floor (even though I am so angry that I refuse to do anything about it) – This particular problem is aggravated by the fact that I got the winter clothes out of the attic and have yet to put summer ones up there and so have too many clothes for my dressers/closets. If I just took care of it It would no longer be a problem but Im too angry to take care of it.

I know that there’s more but I’m sitting in the school’s computer lab killing time before my next class, so here I sit. And here I go… cuz I’m gonna be late otherwise.


~ by Brandy on October 24, 2005.

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