stitch n bitch!

ME!!! at stitch n bitch! I’m so freakin excited! I joined it, and on tuesday I will be going (and taking 3 friends with me) to my first stitch n bitch session!

And with me I’ll be taking my new project (which I’ve ben working on for 2 weeks?)
It’s a lace shawl, from a pattern in Vogue knitting. It’s not made with lace yarn because I wanted it to be heavier more like a scarf kind of feel but it’s really pretty anyhoo. Hope I’ll be ready to put the edging on by tuesday night so If I need help with anything other, more experienced knitters will be able to provide me with their purls of wisdom 🙂 I know… I’m so corny

And while Cooper does like to model my creations: I’m pretty sure that it’ll look better on the person I’m making it for.
I think I might be making it too long though. “A scarf?? Too long?? No!!! Surely not!”

Well the person I’m making it for is about 5’1 and look at this sucker… It’s taller than me! I know that this is not that big a deal in scarf world but I’m guessing that the edges are gonna add another foot on each end. I might stop working the main section early… I mean really… she’s only 5’1.


~ by Brandy on October 22, 2005.

One Response to “stitch n bitch!”

  1. Your shawl looks awesome! We just started our first stitch-n-bitch last week, it was huge fun. Hope yours goes well!

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