Who knew a boyfriend could be so useful?

I have this massive book I have to read for a class on Wednesday and so I requested relative peace and quite, sans TV/playing with dog/ and other such distractions. After about an hour of playing video games and playing on the computer and otherwise maintaining a fantastically low noise level, he comes downstairs and asks what he should do since he’s bored. So I suggest cleaning the kitchen and you know what? Turns out that guy is better at cleaning than I am. If he was bald he’d be Mr. Clean. And you know how I love those bald men… Bruce Willis hello?
I mean dayum… all sparkly! And he even moved stuff to clean! Got on the counter to clean the top of the fridge and all. I think I might keep him in charge of the kitchen from now on.

Back to that vacuum idea… and the getting rid of pets horror… he said it would be that clean all the time without the animals. I think he should just be in charge of cleaning from now on.

If he’s going to be in charge of cleaning the kitchen he should totally be in charge of cooking too… who’s coming with me on this idea? A man who cooks and cleans?!?! I’d have to fight the other girls off, it would be absolute madness.

Come to think of it… I probably shouldn’t be sharing this info with all of you (mostly women read this… I think) HAHAHA


~ by Brandy on October 17, 2005.

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