I finished it!

And it’s so cute I can barely stand it, no if only it was cold enough to wear it!

ummm… I just went to take some pictures…
and I realized that I can’t take my own pictures.
They came out all blurry and off center…
But here’s one anyway, at least until I get a new one:

I just adore how there’s that zigzag pattern that the yarn made naturally. It wouldn’t have done that if I had done any more or less stitches, dumb luck I guess.
It’s 80 inces long and pretty darn stretchy. You can’t see it in this picture, but it is wrapped around my neck ( not just hanging around the back). Hope it doesn’t eventually stretch out too much, it would be fixable but what a pain in the neck…


~ by Brandy on October 11, 2005.

One Response to “I finished it!”

  1. That scarf is sooooo cute!!!

    I also love the zigzag. Pockets! On a scarf! What *will* they think of next? heh heh

    Also, that scarf with the rosettes? From a few entries ago? I LOVE THAT SCARF!!!

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