Pet peeve of the day

When my boyfriend takes a shower he insist on turning the hot and cold handles a whole bunch of times (which is completely unecessary) all he needs to do is a half turn to the left on the hot handle and a half turn to the right on the cold handle to produce a nice steady warm flow of water. He DOES NOT GET THIS! And it drives me up a wall… *squeak squeak…*
and it’s not like he just does it at the beginning of the shower. I’m pretty sure that when he first gets into the shower that he’s just impatient waiting fr it to get warm and that’s why he turns it a million times (not that it makes it warm any sooner of course). But then once it does get warm, he turns it back (too far… more squeaks) and then it’s too cold, more squeaks. I keep trying to tell him, HALF A TURN!!!! I’ve even told him It drives me crazy, but it still happens EVERY TIME…

Ok, I just had to let someone else know.


~ by Brandy on October 4, 2005.

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