good times, old friends

Im just so tired… but I felt like I should write something, so here we go.

2 of my oldest friends came down to visit me… it took 7 years of convincing to get them to drive 1.5 hours. Only 7 years, out of the almost 20 we’ve known each other. That just doesn’t seem right. But anyway.

We did all of those fun get together things, hugs, kisses, presents, pillow fights (no, shame on you, you dirty boys). We listened to jazz muzic at the local club, and drank and chatted. It was lots of fun.

Ok… so that wasn’t so exciting for you to read, but it was darn exciting for me to experience.


~ by Brandy on September 20, 2005.

One Response to “good times, old friends”

  1. yay local jazz music, and yay chumming with old friends.

    thanks for your helpful hurricane wisdom. how’d you discover my blog? thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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