Sometimes, I just don’t get it…

Why is it that guys can be so wonderful and sweet and not boyish one minute and the next they turn into psychotic video game crazed adolescents?!?! Last night, Bret came home and made me stop what i was doing on the computer so that he could check to see if Moto GP 3 had come out for x-box. He knew very well that it had because he was told by a friend of his who would be up to date on such matters, but he wanted to check anyway.
Now… it’s after 10 pm, so Walmart is the only thing open, and we always go to the same one, but that was just NOT GOOD ENOUGH. So he went to the Walmart webpage so find out which one was the closest to our house (nevermind that in the time it took him to call that Walmart to see if they in fact had the game in stock and the time to find the directions to it, we could have been on our way to our normal one and not taken a toll road… but anyway)

Off we went to get the video game at the Walmart in the ghetto…
and we wait…. and wait… and wait for the guy in front of us to pay… and then, we find out that he has already paid and we were just waiting for 20 minutes because he needed change for his hundred… nevermind the fact that he was in electronics and paying for food and NO electronic items. (all this time im trying to get Bret to go to the other register but he firly belives that the moment he switches registers that the guy will leave…)

finally we get the heck out of there and he almost turns the wrong way so i say “no turn right, turn right, turn right!” (i say it repeatedly because he’s not doing it nor is he making any indictation that he intends to listen to me) then he snaps at me telling me I don’t have to repeat myself like that…


Once back on the highway, the silence continues and in his utter excitement at having his new game he takes the wrong exit. I start to giggle at his bubbling anger (he REALLY wants to play that game asap) and the next available exit near our house is closed… he starts ranting about the stupidity that is Richmond and during his rant we find that the NEXT exit is indeed ALSO closed. Now here’s when he started to go crazy… voice getting a bit shrill shrieking that “THIS IS RIDICULOUS, THERE ARE NO SIGNS SAYING THESE EXITS ARE CLOSED!!!!” and then says “I’m going down it anyway…. what are they gonna do?!?!” to which I reply… “Arrest you, because those cops that just sit there during road work are waiting for some excitement” And then…

He pulls inbetween the cones and starts driving down the temporarily blocked off lanes… chaos ensues… workers yelling, flashlights being shined into our faces, etc etc…

no arrests… no talking to each other for the remainder of the night…

psychotic adolescent video game craziness took over my boyfriend…


~ by Brandy on September 7, 2005.

2 Responses to “Sometimes, I just don’t get it…”

  1. I would say that the main difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, but that is clearly not the case… My 7th graders flip out about their x-box games, too!

  2. I’ve already resigned myself to a life as a video game widow (Ben is a horrendous online video-gamer). At my house though, it means I’m always free to go out with the girls, watch chick flicks, etc… AND it means that he feels guilty enough about it to join me in geeky things like “Board Game Night”.

    Use the force to your advantage, young Skywalker…–>

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