So, ummm yeah

After a certain blog find (through Paul), I have become quite humble in my photographic abilities. I wish I could take the absolutely gorgeous pictures you can find in “s t r a y m a t t e r“. I am very envious of his talent, and I’m not ashamed to to admit it! He calls himself an amature… I think he’s worked past that point. Of course I can’t really complain, I haven’t worked as hard as he has to get to that point. He’s done all the stuff going into aperture and… well other stuff.

But I am planning on taking a black and white photography class this fall, so hopefully I’ll pick up some pointers there. I remember I used to take good pictures. I even had an exhibition when I was in highschool, I still have those pictures, they were good, but still not on his level. Maybe I just don’t have the eye… or maybe I just haven’t opened it yet.

One would think that after some of my life experiences I might have a different outlook on life and maybe be able to see things a little differently. Maybe not. Maybe I’m just stuck on the romantic idea of being a photographer. Not that it would ever really work for me, I’m just not into chicks and isn’t that the general desire of high end photography? To immortalize the high ends of the supermodels?


~ by Brandy on August 3, 2005.

3 Responses to “So, ummm yeah”

  1. I had no idea you were into photography. Where are you taking the class at?

    As for photographers mainly “focusing” on supermodels and the like, I disagree completely. I think that some of the best works come from the street photography genre. I think a true photographer excels at sharing his/her own view of the world by using a camera to capture the everyday things that we so often take no notice of. These things may be people, objects, colors, etc… but again, “high end” photography is not all about chicks… it’s about overall content and message.

    Now, since I am a guy, I’ll admit that it is a bit fun to look at pics of chicks… heh…


  2. Nice find…That site has so many great shots… all exponentially cooler than any pic I took way back in the day with my Mamiya…

  3. How about some of the master himself, Henri Cartier-Bresson? Luckily for me, there’s a major retrospective of his work just starting fairly locally at the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh

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