It’s happened

After almost 8 long months of sweating profusely, reading multiple books(while on cardio equipment) and regularly attending sessions with my own personal slavedriver, I have NOT lost even 1 dress size, but I have lost a cup size. My once glorious 36D breasts have shrunken to a humble and seemingly infinitely smaller C cup. I realize that this size is coveted by many women, but after painstakingly and lovingly developed them with years of fried chicken and ice cream consumption, I’m having a tough time parting with them. Indeed those dear friends who once got me so many free drinks nightly have shrunken to a shell of their former selves.

I know that supposedly people have a tendency to gain weight from the bottom up and lose it from the top down, so I’m hoping that this is a precursor to a massive exodus of fat cells around my midsection. Maybe I’ll stop there since I’m also rather fond of my butt… I’m also hoping that when the inches start to shrink from my stomach that my boobs will look bigger once again, then I’ll have that lovely figure that I’ve always wanted and have never had.

Now mind you… When I reach this goal, I’m not going to be Lindsay Lohan skinny by any means… I mean goodness… that’s just ridiculous. I’m going for more the athletic/curvy build of Angelina Jolie. Though I doubt my boobs will ever be that size If i can get my stomach that flat! At least I haven’t fallen into the ranks of girls who starve themselves to become bobbleheads. I just want a nice defined waist… is that so much to ask for?


~ by Brandy on August 2, 2005.

2 Responses to “It’s happened”

  1. Hi..
    Angelina Jolie is very pretty, very beautiful, and very well endowed at the top. But, she is missing a rear end..
    So, yes she’s curvy.. just as much as “round is a shape”

    Good luck in your goals, but I hope you stop before you lose the butt.

    I have never seen you, nor do I know what you look like (face wise). I think what you have to say is interesting.. and all that inner beauty stuff yadayada…

    Angelia Jolie is pretty, she has the perfect face.. but not the perfect body. Aim for Catherine Zeta Jones.. a little bit of meat.. but she could seduce the pope.

  2. I have a nice butt, “firm yet pleasantly smackable” I’ve been told. And there is a pic of me in a previous post…. somewhere… not that there’s that many to look thru.–>

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