Totally freaking myself out.

I can only imagine that this must be the feeling every student (who hasn’t gotten perfect grades) feels when they realize that they have to go to grad school in order to do anything with their previous 18 years of education. I have started researching grad schools, although ideally I would be going to the grad school at the school I’m currently at (VCU). But… chances are (knowing my luck) that I won’t get in there and then I’ll have to move to some godforsaken place in Nebraska IF that.

So for counseling psychology, I have 51 options in various acceptable places in the U.S. Of course not all of them desired or preferred, but acceptable. What are the chances I won’t get into any of them? Then… having spent ALOT of money to apply to them I am broke… OR I don’t have the money to attend somewhere out of state… Fabulous

simply fabulous

shoot me now

~ by Brandy on July 27, 2005.

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