A new decision… Pictures!!!

Paul said… “It’s about time more O’Connell peeps got blogs. I’m looking forward to reading some good stories… hehe. “

Well my dear…. I don’t know how very exciting I will be, so don’t expect too much entertainment from this blog. I try, but I think that I forget most of the blog-worthy stuff that goes on in my life.

To be honest this is pretty much what it’s like in my head: “sex…sex… marriage….sex… WHERE IS THAT CELL PHONE?!?!? it’s been lost for 3 days!!!!…..sex….babies….sex” I think you get the picture. (yes, I AM worse than a guy)

I shall try to be more observant of things that may be interesting to the masses and I’ll try to do more pictures…. YES! Pictures!!!

~ by Brandy on July 13, 2005.

2 Responses to “A new decision… Pictures!!!”

  1. Brandy, it’s about time you started blogging… well, actually, it looks like you’ve been blogging and haven’t told me.

    I’m sticking a link on my site to yours… muahaha. 🙂


  2. i knew you’d find out eventually

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